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City of Slaughtered Spirit
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Tuesday, May 17th, 2011
3:23 pm
If you haven't seen them already / read them recently, go check out my:
Industrial music blog: djdasein.blogspot.com
Beer blog: beeraroundtheworld.blogspot.com

Going to Vini for regional Italian dinner tonight. Very exciting!
Thursday, April 14th, 2011
1:05 pm
I haven't posted here in a while, but I saw an article in SMH that made my blood boil with a furious rage. History nerd is ANGRY!

here is my reply:

On August 4, 1914, Britain joined France and Russia in a war against the German and Austro-Hungarian Empires. One significant European power was yet to declare its allegiances.
Turkey was neither a European power, nor a significant power.
…the Ottoman Empire had ruled the Middle East - and at times, large parts of Europe - for 600 years.
Key word: had. Sure, the Ottoman Empire at one stage stretched from Austria to India. But that was a long, long time ago. Much like Russia, Turkey spent the 19th century stuck in a cocoon while the Western European powers accelerated their economic and technological developments at exponential rates.
Three months into the war the Germans were winning everywhere.
Until just after that first three months, when the trench lines were settled in, and then nobody moved much for the next five years.
Russia was now surrounded.
Um, I seem to remember there being this big thing called “Asia”, actually.
He knew that if Russia fell, the entire German war machine would be hurled at the West and an ally would be cast into the abyss.
A reasonable proposition. But Russia’s fall had nothing to do with Turkey. It had to do with Russia being completely shit at everything, and being essentially a 17th century power trying to fight a 20th century war.
Russia offered no easy supply lines. The North Sea was too close to Germany and too often frozen and the Far East too distant.
“Too distant”? For what? Trains go pretty fast. Anyway, supplies weren’t really the problem. Sure, many of the Russian soldiers didn’t have guns, but neither did the British (their conscripts trained with walking sticks because they didn’t have enough rifles to go around, true story). The problem was that their troops were so backward that they thought their own planes were “flying demons” and tried to shoot them down. Also a true story.
Churchill forcefully argued for the least worst option: bust through the Dardanelles - the narrow sea passage from the Mediterranean leading towards the Ottoman capital, Istanbul, and the Black Sea.
“Bust through the Dardanelles”, eh? Sounds great, Biggles! But to do what exactly? To distract one tottering feeble power from feebly clawing at another tottering feeble power?
After seven weeks of rancorous debate [Churchill] prevailed over his detractors but planning and execution of the campaign suffered.
The planning and execution “suffered”? From what ? This disingenuous paragraph seems to subtly imply that the planning and execution “suffered” from the “rancorous debate”. This is blatantly untrue. It “suffered” from being completely terrible, which was largely Churchill’s fault.
This attack on the heart of a great empire produced intense resistance from the "sick man of Europe".
“Sick man of Europe”? A few paragraphs ago Turkey was a “significant European power”. What gives?
Churchill was relentless, publicly calling for 95,000 more troops to be sent to Gallipoli but securing only 25,000.
So people dared to question his decision to throw more meat into the grinder to be slaughtered? Seems reasonable to me.
The Allies were out by January 1916 and the deeply unpopular Churchill spent the rest of the war near the front line in France.
Poor guy. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t exactly slumming it in the trenches, however.
Russia had been warming to the world in the decades before the war and moving towards a democratic constitutional monarchy.
Sorry, this deserves a “WTFLOL”. Sure, Nicholas II seemed like a relative modernist, as opposed to say Nicholas I, but he was no democrat. See: aborted Russian revolution of 1905, where people wanting reforms were ruthlessly crushed by the army, under his orders.
But its promising future was cruelled by post-Gallipoli isolation.
I honestly have absolutely no idea what that sentence means. It makes no sense.
A year later Russia crumbled, the tsar abdicated and the world's first communist state was born. Its first act was surrender. More Russians died in the war than Germans and Britons combined –
But not more than the French, who this article callously ignores. The French lost 8% of their adult male population in the war. They fought longer and harder than any other power, and it was their tenacity that caused Germany’s defeat.
With Russia out, Germany hurled its fury at France and by mid-1918 was within sight of Paris.
They got within 120 kms; I’d hardly call that within “sight”. And they were pushed back almost immediately.
The Allies were saved years more carnage by a late American rescue.
This is completely untrue. Not to belittle the US assistance, but Lundendorff launched the spring 1918 offensive out of utter desperation: their supply lines were fucked. It was their last throw of the dice. The French resilience, and arrival of US (and Australian) troops, accelerated the doom that had been approaching them for some time.
A modest force departed but Lenin prevailed and the USSR became HQ for every communist revolution of the 20th century.
That statement is so untrue I don’t even know where to begin.
Communism enslaved one-third of the world by 1980 but there was nothing inevitable about its advent… No nation was threatened by communism before 1917.
Huh? Are you now arguing that Churchill launched the Gallipoli campaign to stop communism taking hold in Russia? Quick history update: Gallipoli campaign launched in 1915. Russian Revolution happened in 1917. TWO YEARS LATER. Did Churchill have some magical insight that communists were going to take over two years in the future in a far away country? Not even Lenin believed a Russian Revolution was going to happen. He had to be dragged kicking and screaming away from sipping coffee in Paris when the Tsarist regime started crumbling. Churchill wanted to kick Turkey in the guts because he thought the Eastern Front was important, and that Russia somehow could be, and should be, saved. The fact that Russsia was largely irrelevant to the war, and Turkey far more so, didn’t prevent him from spilling the blood of thousands of other people’s children in a stupid, pointless and badly planned campaign.
Defeat at Gallipoli may have been disastrous for the Anzacs, the Allies, the Turks and 100 million innocents later killed by communism - but futile it was not.
Trying to connect the failure of the Gallipoli campaign to the rise of Soviet communism is ridiculous. You even said earlier in your piece that the Turkish decision to join on the Axis side was an “empire-ending decision”. It was indeed, irregardless of whatever transpired at Gallipoli, but only to the extent that their empire hadn’t already ended. The Ottomans barely had control of Turkey and Armenia, much less anywhere else. The fact is, Russia had lost the war before they had even started it, by being a thoroughly pre-modern power fighting against the most advanced and modernised military force on the planet, and “storming the Dardanelles” was an irrelevant and stupid schoolboy fantasy of Churchill’s that made no sense from a political or military perspective.
Monday, December 20th, 2010
11:04 pm
Just did a major purchase from Tympanik Audio (probably the best record label in the world at the moment). Been TOO long since I bought a big chunk of music. This is what I got (cannot WAIT):
- Iszoloscope: The Edge Of Certainty
- Iszoloscope: Beyond Within
- Tzolkin: Tonatiuh
- Ginormous: The Endless Procession / Our Ancestors Intense Love Affair 2CD
- Imminent: Cask Strength
- Black Lung: Full Spectrum Dominance
- Lombre: Letting Go At The Steering Wheel
- Keef Baker: Pen Fifteen
- Tzolkin: Haab
- Access To Arasaka: void();
- Anklebiter: I Will Wait
- Totakeke: On The First Of November
- Totakeke: The Things That Disappear When I Close My Eyes 2CD
And all for a very reasonable price!
Friday, December 17th, 2010
4:51 pm
Do you remember your coming down,
Forced to take sides?
Your taunted charm and your broken smile,
Touched me unexpectedly.

So long,
So long you've waited in line.
Desire is a gift in life.
So long,
So long you've left and arrived,
It's time for you to stay a while.

If you chose life,
You know what the fear is like if...
You welcome addiction,
This is your kingdom.

Your fight for power,
For memories, answers and signs,
Will bring you through the dark to light,
Clear and redefined.

Too long,
Too long I waste for these,
Emotionally sucking life,
Too long,
Too long, you waste, and right,
It's time for you to recognise.

If you chose life,
You know what the fear is like.
You welcome addiction,
This is your kingdom.

If you chose life,
You know what the fear is like.
You welcome addiction,
This is your kingdom.

Friday, December 10th, 2010
3:21 pm
well finally got around to joining a gym in the local hood! I went with Life Fitness at the very end of King St, because they seemed nice, aren't a big chain, very clean, big rooms for classes, etc. A trainer has put together a pretty intense program; I might have to do split sets to get through these workouts. Had my first training session this morning (just myself); it felt really good to be getting back into weights. My half-arse attempt at kettlebell workouts weren't really going anywhere.
Going to Punchbowl on Sunday to buy lamb... LOTS of lamb... woo!
Friday, October 29th, 2010
3:57 pm
OK after living in south newtown for a few months, I am finally going to the whacky Macedonian (yes, Macedonian) restaurant just around the corner from my house, called Europe Grill. The name isn’t quite right (is Europe an adjective?), the decorations are horrible, and sometimes the place is empty, but there is always a hairy man with a big moustache frying up tasty looking meats at the front of the restaurant, and many of the reviews are awesome, so some compatriots and I are going to check it out tonight. Can’t wait!
Maybe we can order some potent and hideous eastern European spirits (preferably that have unpronounceable names with no vowels) to go with our dinner? I sure as hell hope so!
Monday, October 25th, 2010
4:42 pm
OK so this weekend is Under the Blue Moon Festival!
I am DJing at 9pm in the "Dungeon Room" (?), and playing drumpads in Shiv-R at 10:40pm on the main stage.
The venue the Factory Theatre in Enmore.
So come along people!

Current Mood: excited
Friday, October 15th, 2010
10:26 am
have been listening to IAMX's "Kingdom of Welcome Addiction" quite a bit lately. It's actually quite seriously awesome.
Does anyone have their other stuff? Good / worth getting?
I need to do a big f*ckoff CD order sometime soon (yay for super aussie dollar GO YOU GOOD THING*), get some Hands / Ant-Zen / Tympanik etc stuff, plus some doof doof club stuff. But I'm a bit broke at the moment wah.
Thursday, October 7th, 2010
3:35 pm
Haven't posted anything here in a while, my bad.
Been... rather busy. The house is coming along, which is awesome. We almost have a dining table! Woo!
Uni is kind of busy but manageable. Work is... hmm no comment.
They currently have a 20% off all cookbooks sale at Kinokuniya, which is all kinds of awesome.
I got this today: http://www.amazon.com/Ottolenghi-Cookbook-Yotam/dp/0091922348/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1286421914&sr=8-1
Yotam Ottolenghi is a British cook of Israeli heritage who makes healthy, fresh middle-eastern inspired food. His stuff looks AMAZING.
I'm also seeing him this Sunday at the World Chef Showcase as part of the Sydney International Food Festival, plus some Turkish guy (Mehmet Gurs I believe) plus someone else I can't remember, a great birthday present from Nicole. Woo!

Also finally saw Inception last weekend.

My review:

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010
5:03 pm
Berserk is back in 2010 with our biggest night yet – the inaugural Berserk Masquerade Ball!

To mark this special event we’ve invited DJ Alex B from the UK to perform! New to Sydney, Alex is famous for terrorising dancefloors at his Sick and Twisted club nights in London. He'll be bringing his unique style of hard industrial techno to Berserk for his first Australian appearance.

If that wasn’t enough, Berserk will also have a DJ set from Sydney industrial band Shiv-r, plus our regular DJ lineup.

It’s going to be HUGE so go all out – We will also be offering CD giveaways from Japanese label Deathwatch Asia at the door and as prizes for best dressed, and the bar’s going to be open all night.

Entry is $12/$10 with flier, doors open 9pm.
Thursday, August 5th, 2010
4:09 pm
Tonight: Florence and the Machine, at the Enmore Theatre. WOO!
Saturday night: ROLLER DERBY! At the Hodern. WOO!
Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010
3:30 pm
House is coming along nicely. House now has carpet! And a bed! And a lounge! Woo!
House still has many unpacked boxes sadly, but their time is numbered.
Uni has started again, FUCK. Accounting for Managerial Decisions, and Organisational Analysis and Design. Wow. Gripping stuff!

oh and one more thing: keep Sat 18th September free. Seriously.
Thursday, July 1st, 2010
1:37 pm
well last night I went to swing dancing, for the first time in quite a long time. It was pretty damn good I gotta say! I've really missed it. Sure many of the people are a bit weird, and the teachers can be a bit church camp-like, but the dancing is damn fun. I'll definitely be back.

Also we had a tribunal hearing yesterday. The horrid tenants from hell have been given three weeks to GET THE FUCK out of our house. Maybe they'll even actually start paying rent as well! That would be swell. So three weeks and our house will be free and we can move in! woo!
Monday, June 21st, 2010
4:37 pm
Well as of today I have finally completed semester 1 of my MBA!
Economics ROCKED. Marketing SUCKED. Though I believe that had more to do with the teacher I had for Marketing than anything else. But also yeah, Economics was really, really interesting. Not something I’m sure if I want to take much further or do a career in or anything, but definitely something I really enjoyed studying.
Anyway it will be good to have six weeks off, take a breather, and have some downtime / Leontime.
Going to see Animal Kingdom with Nicole tonight, which is meant to be really good.

also: new Navicon Torture Technologies album (Gospels of the Gash) is really good. Like, REALLY good. I'm not much into power electronics anymore and its rocking my world. As good as Church of Dead Girls? Maybe...
Friday, June 18th, 2010
2:18 pm
Check it out yo.
Film clip for "Hold my hand" by Shiv-R.
And who's that playing drumpads??

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010
4:10 pm
For various reasons I can now access LJ again, so I should be using this thing a bit more, which is good.

Unfortunately, I have bad news. Nicole and I were due to move into our beautiful terrace house we bought six months ago in Newtown, this Sunday (the lease expires this Saturday). We’ve got mail redirects organised, removalists booked, stuff packed up in boxes, etc. We’ve given the tenants six weeks notice that we will be moving into the house the day after the lease expires (we’re by law only required to give them two, but we decided to be nice and give them six weeks). Anyway, the tenants have not been communicating with the real estate agent at all, despite his repeated attempts to organise a time to do the vacate inspection on Saturday. Anyway today they have finally sent an email to the agent, telling him that they haven’t found a place yet, so they’ll still be there on the weekend when we intend to move in. And guess what we can do about it? pretty much fucking nothing.

We can’t kick them out. We can’t call the cops on them. We can’t really do shit. Despite the fact that they signed a contract saying they would live there for six months and no longer, and despite the fact that we gave them six weeks’ notice that they would have to leave on that date, they can just choose to stay there. They don’t have to tell us. They don’t have to give us notice. They can just choose to stay, and we cannot kick them out. Of a house that WE OWN, and we now have NO right to live in. Un fucking believable.

What we CAN do is schedule a tribunal hearing with the NSW Office of Fair Trading. That hearing could take between one and four weeks to happen. At that hearing, we can put forward our case, namely that it is OUR FUCKING HOUSE and we would LIKE TO LIVE IN IT YOU FUCKTARDS and could you please GET THE FUCK OUT OF IT. And hopefully, the tribunal will them issue them a termination notice, which gives them a week or two to get the fuck out. And if they are not out of it then, we notify the sheriff (yes the fucking SHERIFF!), who then goes around with a locksmith and a stick and is authorised to use force to remove their sorry stinking ratsh1t arses and their sorry stinking ratsh1t property.

(oh and you know what else is awesome? We can’t make them pay us our lost expenses like cancelling mail redirection or removalists. And we have to pay a fee to summon the tribunal, and we can’t make them pay us that either, even if the tribunal pays in our favour. So we have to pay the government money for them to listen to us tell them why we should be allowed to live in a house that we bought and own and are paying a mortgage on).
Since my flatmates have already found someone to move in this weekend (and unlike our tenants, I am not a douchebag who would screw over the person moving in and tell them they can’t), this leaves me in the meantime of basically being not having a place to live. Fortunately I have parents with a house and a spare room who can put me up while this nightmare resolves.

So to summarise:
- I’m not allowed to move into my own house, which makes me sad.
- The law (in regards to tenants) is a pile of sh1t. Protecting tenants rights is important, but it is so far weighted in their favour it is an absolute fucking joke.
Sunday, May 16th, 2010
11:58 am
The pricks at my work have blocked livejournal wah, so I rarely get to use it these days.
what's been going on? too damn much. WAY too much. Trying to nut out my assignments for the first semester of my MBA (Economics: awesome, love it. Marketing? Hate it, but mainly because of my lecturer, who needs to be thrown off a cliff). Plus am moving house in a month. Plus, am getting married next year. Plus have got my album mastered and just need artwork and it's ready to get published. Yeah it's all happening. Every year I say "this is the year which it's all going to happen!". Well, this IS the year it's all happening.

Anyway better get back to the assignments.
Luckily I have this to keep me company:
This shit 0wns your s0ul.
Wednesday, March 10th, 2010
1:36 pm
Shiv-r gig in Canberra rocked!

There's even footage. Who's that playing those funky drumpads??
Sunday, February 28th, 2010
12:23 pm
Things are happening on the Scalar front! I've uploaded a couple of new songs to the myspace: Nebulaic (an old track, very trance-y, won't be on the forthcoming album) and Isolation Space (one of my favourite tracks, will be on the forthcoming album, in fact is the title track!). Bonus points if you can pick where the samples in Isolation Space are from :) (one of my favourite movies).
Thursday, February 25th, 2010
10:02 pm
OK even more exciting news. I am finally, finally, FINALLY, getting off my butt and am going to release my album!
For those who don't know, I have a music project called Scalar. It has a myspace, with a couple of tracks on it (I'm going to put another one up soon):

Anyway I've been working on this stuff for years. I'm going to finally release my album. Which I've had sitting on my hard drive collecting virtual dust for like, ages. And I'm going to release it on my record label, Cranial Fracture Recordings. Yes, after many years, there is going to be a FRAC06! The last album on Cranial Fracture was Sulphur's album in like 2005 or something. Ages ago.
Anyway I have organised for mastering; I am going to use Danny from Red Ferret, who mastered the first Cranial Fracture release, Dissonant Structures, all the way back in 2002 (wtf?! that thing came out 8 years ago?! holy fuck!). He not only remembers me, he refers to me as "the Cranial Fracture legend", still raves about the compilation, and is going to give me a cheap rate, which is great, because good mastering isn't that cheap.

Then there is artwork to organise, and manufacturing, but that's pretty painless (I'll go through Troy Horse, who we used a few times back in the Cranial Fracture days).
So the album could be out in a few months! Awesome!
Then I can start working on the NEXT one (I actually already have, though haven't finished a track yet) without feeling guilty for not releasing the first one. Woo!
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